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LG IMAX Theatre Sydney

LG IMAX Theatre Sydney
  • 31 Wheat Road,Darling Harbour, Sydney 2000,Australia
New South Wales

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See incredible 2D and 3D films on the World\'s Largest Cinema Screen. With the highest quality giant screen images and a range of diverse films - including documentaries and feature films - IMAX has something for all ages and interests. Films change regularly and session times are listed online: www.imax.com.au

The IMAX Theatre Sydney in Darling Harbour is home to the world\'s largest cinema screen at 29.42m high by 35.73m wide – covering an area of more than 1,015 square metres. They just don\'t come any bigger!

IMAX film based giant screen theatres boast some of the world\'s largest cinema screens. It is made possible by the projection of such large film frames and it will be some time before it can be replicated with digital projection systems. Up to eight storeys high, they are ten times larger than a tradtional cinema screen and fills the whole field of human vision.

Made of stretched vinyl, coated with a reflective silver paint they are stretched taut over a scaffold frame.

With thousands of small perforations they allow sound from speakers positioned behind the screen to play their key role in the total surround sound system.

Sound is critical to the IMAX film experience. The film soundtracks are delivered through a mighty 15,000 watt digital surround sound system manufactured by Sonics Associates Inc, one of the world leaders in sound system design.

The IMAX six channel, high fidelity, motion picture sound system with sub bass plays off three separate CDs each carrying two tracks.

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